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Eternal Euro Ltd sourcing is here to provide you with a one stop service solution for all your product sourcing and shipping.

Sourcing products has many challenges from making sure you choose the right supplier, explaining detailed specifications and briefs and ensuring the quality of goods right through to managing logistics.

Our aim is to take out all this process from you so you can concentrate on your core business and other activities whilst safely knowing that your product will be supplied by us as per spec and on time.

How Do We Work

How we normally work is you would provide us with a brief of your product requirement, whether it be small or large quantities, together with specifications and lead times if any.

Once received, we would then via our supplier network source the most suitable manufacturer or supplier, carry out all necessary vetting of the supplier and then narrow down to work with two suitable companies.

Our job is to negotiate the best possible price based on your requirement with the companies and provide you with our quote for your perusal.

Once product and price is confirmed we would then proceed to work with the supplier to make sure they meet all specified requirements and in some cases physically inspect the suppliers factory or warehouse.

If required we would appoint independent inspections for further clarification on conformity and specs prior to shipment.

All shipping & logistics is monitored by us via our own freight forwarders or any forwarders of your choice.

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