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We can supply a range of CCTV and security equipment via our designated suppliers who we have established special trade prices with. Our core range consists of CCTV cameras, CCTV recorders, IP network cameras and recorders, PTZ cameras and HD CCTV, plus we also sell covert cameras, monitors, alarm systems and many other security accessories.

We regularly supply overseas markets and have a range of customers ranging from both commercial and residential. All the products undergo rigorous testing in house, and you can rest assured that every single piece of CCTV equipment that is sent out is tested to the highest standard and has been picked because of the features it can offer our customers. Price is a big factor for us, and we always aim to offer the best prices on our CCTV equipment in the market. We sell a range of products and have a portfolio of brands.

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Sourcing External Camera CCTV Surveillance Equipment

External Cameras

Wide range of external CCTV cameras suitable for any application. From discreet dome cameras to long range bullet cameras.

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Sourcing Dome Camera CCTV Surveillance Equipment

Dome Cameras

Internal CCTV cameras offer you solutions for keeping the inside of your property safe. From dome cameras to body cameras, you can choose a style which suits your CCTV needs, and make sure an incident never goes unnoticed again.

Use our contact page to get in touch today with your internal CCTV requirements.

Sourcing PTZ Camera CCTV Surveillance Equipment

PTZ Cameras

PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, Zoom. PTZ Cameras allow you to do just that, and adjust the angle of the camera and focus in to a particular area or subject, zooming in and altering the view point.

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Sourcing Digital Video Recorder CCTV Surveillance Equipment

Digital Video Recorders

For recording CCTV footage, you will need a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). We can supply 4, 8 & 16 channel perfect for your CCTV recording requirements. The channel number depends on the maximum number of cameras you want to connect to the DVR, and all the recorders come feature packed to suit your needs.

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