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Solutions for packing, carton sealing, box labelling, barcoding and identification through to palletising and pallet labelling.

Eternal Euro Ltd has been working with Codeology Ltd a UK company that manufactures Ink Jet Coders & End Line Packaging machinery. In the latter part of 2011, we managed to obtain the exclusive marketing and distribution rights for their products across the African Continent. Currently we have appointed Statpack Industries Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya as the distributors for the East African region and would be delighted to work with companies in other regions of Africa.

In addition to this, we are also able to supply Consumables and Soluble Inks for your existing range of Ink Jet Coders at very competitive prices subject to quantities and specification. We have very competitive pricing for supply spares.

We can supply the following range of equipment. Use our contact page to get in touch today with your specific requirements.

Sourcing Ink Jet Printers

i100 Large Character Ink Jet Printer

The i100 is a low-cost entry level ink jet printer ideally suited for distributors. It has been designed in a modular form for ease of build, maintenance and stock-holding. There are three main modules, a base unit and ink bottle stand containing an electronics controller and air pump, a print head containing a robust manifold and with a minimum of electrics, and a separate hand controller (the HHC).

The HHC can either be built on top of the print head (the Integrated HHC) or can be left as a hand held device on a flying lead. This gives customers the option of sharing one hand controller amongst several machines thus reducing cost, or incorporating a controller per machine to allow line operators individual control. For further information on this product please click here.

i100M Large Character Ink Jet Printer

This is an entry-level cost-effective ink jet for printing M.E.K. ink onto non-porous substrates such as stainless steel, metal drums, beer barrels, polythene sacks, bricks, blocks and extruded plastics. For further information please click here.

i500 Large Character Ink Jet Printer

This is a stainless steel, modular inkjet printer designed for ease of use and reliability in today's 24/7 factory environments. It is designed to print easily-legible large character print on cardboard boxes, shrink-wrap, timber, bricks or blocks. Printing from one to eight lines of print, on one or both sides of a product, in a mix of single or double-height fonts. Print can include text, graphics and logos, sell-by dates, batch information, counts, production dates and any other variable or fixed information. With the built-in real-time clock it can automatically calculate sell-by dates and Julian dates required in the food industry.

Whether controlled from either an integral Hand Controller, a removable Hand Held Controller or completely remotely via the Ethernet or RS232 interfaces, operation is simple. The hand controller interface uses an intuitive, mobile-phone style menuing system for ease of use. For further information please follow the below link. For further information please click here.

P100 Print Applicator

The first of a new generation of print and apply labellers. British designed and built, predominantly of stainless steel and aluminium, it has been designed for today's demanding 24/7 factory.

Nobody can afford downtime these days, so we have designed the P100 to keep your lines running at peak efficiency. High reliability, easy setup and modular components ensure that you get the most out of the P100 with minimal intervention. The design team have over 30 man years experience of labelling and they are confident you won't find a better value for money or more reliable labeller on the market. Since its launch in 2005 the P100 has proved to be robust, reliable, easy to use and simple to maintain in both chilled and ambient factories all over Britain. For further information please click here.

P150 Top Face Print & Apply System

The P150 is simple, robust and low-cost. We keep the cost down by using a proven dc motor drive system that has already been shown to be long-lasting through years of use in our P100 side print-and-apply systems. A simple design means fewer components to go wrong and greater reliability on your lines. From the same family as the well-proven P100 Print and Apply you can rest assured that the P150 will keep your lines running at peak efficiency. Control options include local or remote control via RS232, wired Ethernet or wireless Ethernet. For further information please click here.

P110 Applicator

The Codeology P110 Applicator is a British designed and built low cost applicator. Made predominantly of stainless steel and aluminum, it has been designed with the food industry in mind.

High reliability, easy setup and modular components ensure that you get the most out of the P110 whilst ensuring maximum efficiency on your lines. Designed by the same team that produced the P100 print and apply, the P110 applicator is robust and solid enough for any factory environment. The applicator drive panel is interchangeable with the P100 print engine, so the applicator can be upgraded to a full print and apply in minutes. For further information please click here.

Complete Manual Pallet Labelling Solution for the Retail Supply Chain

Have you been told by the major retailers to start producing pallet labels and don't know where to start? You don't know your SSCC from your GTIN? Have you been told that Tesco TIMS produces a pallet label but don't know if you can use it? Then help is at hand as Codeology have a solution for you.

If you are as big as Nestle then you can afford fully-automatic pallet labelling systems. If you are not quite as large as them yet, then you need to start with a smaller solution. The Codeology manual pallet labelling system could be the answer to your problems. It has been designed for small and medium sized businesses to produce SSCC pallet labels for Tesco, Sainsbury or any of the major retailers simply, quickly and efficiently. It takes the pain out of producing industry-standard pallet labels that are acceptable to all the major retailers leaving you to get on with what you do best - making your products. For further information please click here.

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